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Community center for not-allowed habitant 

​A new Community Center in Lima, Peru architecture competition  ファイナリスト /  Finalist




 It is only way for people who don’t have formal settlement that continuing to form a residential community can make people recognizing as residents each other even if it is informal actually, and can also improve residential environment. New community center is aimed to a safe and sustainable environment with growing a residential community by having considering strength about architectural structure and benefiting from natural energy like sunlight, wind, fog, and rain water as much as possible, because structural strength of surrounding housing is weak seriously and infrastructure for their life isn’t prepared completely.

 Concretely, the roof of building is composed of clear material three-dimensionally, on the other hand each existing house of the surroundings has weak and thin roof, and it leads rainwater to water tank through horizontal gutter to store simply, because the shape of it is a single-flow shape. So it takes sunlight in inner space and stores rain water efficiently by it. The structure that supports this massive roof is planed with comparative safety in anticipation of recent climatic change, even inner space has columnless for several use. And we expect flexible walking flow and wind flow in the inner space by planning large opening door for entrance in the four corners of buildings with our intention that new community center should be opened to residents equally.

 Moreover we also aim that it becomes centripetal landmark for them who live on the slope, because light of inner lighting pass through large massive roof covering with clear material to outside, even if visibility gets worse in evening or when fog happens.



構造 / 規模:木造


敷地面積:- ㎡



Location:Lima, Peru

Main use:community center

Structure / scale:wooden structure

The highest height:3.80m

Site area:  -  ㎡

Building area:36.0㎡

Total floor area:36.0㎡


If you want to understand the detail like the system or process of this project, we would like you to check our Instagram named "merastagram". We often update it.

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