Drape louver hat

Karin Dom's International Architecture Competition




 This proposal shows the attitude of the new building like the former site with inheriting the original and unique method to build a cityscape in Varna. In the result of considering to keep some big existing trees that is hard to transplant, we could set the building area, and make economic and effective plan including structural side.

 The building's first floor is hollowed out, the benches are laid out, and its appearance is reflected on the upper floors so that people around the building can use it. A soft wooden umbrella “louver hat” covering the entire facility that gives a strong impression on the building is structurally independent and has a louver effect. It is intended to realize a comfortable environment by adopting effective means for applications where a prevailing wind is strong and a bright space incorporating natural light in the interior space is ideal.



構造 / 規模:鉄骨造・木造 地下1階、地上4階建て


敷地面積:2,450.00 ㎡

建築面積:   643.94 ㎡

延床面積: 2467.72 ㎡

Location:Varna, Bulgaria

Main use:Disability support facility

Structure / scale:Steel and Wooden structure 

                              Basement 1 floor and Upper 4 floor

The highest height:   16.10m

Site area:         2,450.00 ㎡

Building area:      643.94 ㎡

Total floor area: 2467.72 ㎡


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