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Floating duplex apartments





   In this project, we aim to plan a way of living that differs from the uniform cityscape of the surrounding area for high-income people, and realize a state-of-the-art architectural culture in line with future cultural development. For the building volume, instead of arranging the duplex room units in parallel with the site boundary, we decided to rotate them by about 45 degree. As a result, it is not necessary to face the neighboring land or the building opposite the road, and a sufficient sense of distance can be secured. The duplex roo units shift the floor between the upper limits to create a unit with a sense of depth, and by devising the way of stacking it, a bold cantilever of 6.4 m is realized while structural stability and openness as a whole. Secure. As a result, independence is realized in each room unit, giving a floating impression as an overall impression.       The open void, a large external space covering with roof, was planned to penetrate the center of these room units, following Iwan, one of the constituent elements of historical Islamic architecture. Because greenery is planned here and the wind and light pass through, the first floor will be an open lobby like a garden, and the second floor will be a balcony like a promenade. The floor volume on the 4th floor serves as the eaves for the open 1st and 2nd floors, and is suitable for a lot of rainfall. The skylight above the open void is planned to handle unique climate conditions such as light intake and ventilate heat.



構造 / 規模:鉄筋コンクリート 地上4階建て


敷地面積:4,569.00 ㎡

建築面積:1,090.56 ㎡

延床面積:4,446.00 ㎡

Location:Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

Main use:Duplex apartments, Gym, Multiple hall, Kids space

Structure / scale:Reinforced concrete structure  / 4 floor

The highest height:   15.95m

Site area         :  4,569.00 ㎡

Building area  : 1,090.56

Total floor area: 4,446.00

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If you want to understand the detail like the system or  process of this project, we would like you to check our Instagram named "merastagram". We often update it.

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